Board Minutes


August 16, 2015


Board Members Present: President Janie Morado,Vice-President Nancy Okragleski, Treasurer Rudy Garcia.

Member Myrna Maurer and Dalila Brimer.

Spiritual Leader:  Tomas de Leon

Others Present: Michael Scales, LUT  


Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:20 PM


Prayer: An opening prayer was done by Myrna Maurer


Minutes of the Previous Meetings. Meeting of July 18, 2015. Tomas De Leon made a motion to accept the minutes as read. 2nd Brimer.  Because of a discussion regarding board resignations, Motion for minutes approval carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Tomas De Leon presented a revised June 2015 Composite Monthly Financial Report and the July 2015 Profit and Loss statement.  Documents attached to minutes. Ms. Brimer made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and a second Rudy Garcia. Motion carried.


Spititual Leader’s Report.  Spiritual Leader De Leon gave no report. 


Committee Reports.  WorshipTeam: Tomas De Leon held an impromtu meeting Wednesday, August 12 with Worship Team members available – Michael Scales, Janie Morado, Nancy Okragleski, and Tomas primarily to discuss the Sunday services. Spiritual Leader De Leon reported on the team’s discussion about special music and other music options were discussed. The goal is to have musicians that support the Unity mission and beliefs.  Vice-president Okragleski has suggested that the Silent Unity service be done once a month. Silent Unity will furnish a copy of the service and a sheet with four affirmations that can be put in our bulletin. The purchase of a “snake” – a device for the audio system was done. Tom Askey helped install the device and cables. 


Unfinished Business


Taxes: Spiritual Leader De Leon confirmed that Barbara gave papers to W. E. Bill Mann, CPA.  But needs to followup with Mr. Mann about the actual filing.


Penrod Hall’s Flooring.  (Business Team) No bid from Salome Vera as yet.                                          


New Business:


Review of by-law change to Section 11, Article 6: The motion was brought to the table last month by Spiritual Leader Tomas DeLeon because of the “unexcused absences from three successive regular board meetings.” The Section statement on resignation could use specific requirements. Nancy Okragleski reported that she found differences among previous by-laws and the current by-laws.  Nancy Okragleski, By-Law Committee and Myrna Maurer are still reviewing the current by-laws to determine possible changes for the Annual Membership meeting vote.  The revisions do need to follow the By-Laws of UWM as a member. In addition tend to getting our Policy Manual written and put into place.


Propose Spiritual Leader as Business Administrator: According to by-laws the Spiritual Leader is the church administrator.


Criteria for nominating new board members: President Morado stated that Laura Duran will serve as the chair of the Nominating Committee. No other committee members have been identified. 


Spiritual Leader Evaluation:  Dalila Brimer was asked to draft a survey instrument for mid-term feedback from all church members (includes voting and non-voting members).


Executive Session:  All Board of Trustee members and Michael Scales, LUT met to discuss guidelines for a Ministry Policy on Disruptive Behavior.


Date for next meeting:  September 13, 2015, time:  12:20 p.m.  Meeting Adjourned @ 2:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Myrna Maurer, Secretary pro tem


       Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

A Member of Unity Worldwide Ministries

Location:301 E. Polk Ave.