Sunday Lessons

Our Talks on Truth

Transformation Through Renewal

01-03-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

Lent and the Life of Jesus

02-07-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Living the Simple Life

01-31-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Prayer of Protection

Spiritual Power

02-21-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

Three Little Word

02-28-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

The Prodigal Son

03-06-2016  Tomas De Leon 

The Universal Christ

03-13-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

Destination - Jerusalem

03-20-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Resurrecting Jesus

03-27-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Let Go, Let God

04-03-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

Creating Oneness With God

04-10-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Shift Happens

04-17-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Personal Prosperity

05-01-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Science and Religion

05-15-2016  Tomas De Leon 

A System of Belief

04-24-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

Effective Prayer

05-22-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

The Mystery of Love

05-29-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Unity & the Transcendental Movement

06-05-2016  Tomas De Leon 

The Golden Key

06-12-2016  Michael Scales, LUT

Our Father

06-19-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

The Universal Christ

07-03-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

True North

07-10-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Unity & the Transcendental Movement

06-05-2016  Tomas De Leon 

How Jesus Became God

07-17-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Finding Your Prosperity

07-24-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Divine Protection

07-31-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

The Science of Natural Healing

08-07-2016  Tomas De Leon 

The Four Agreements 

# 1. Be Empeccable With Your Words

08-14-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

Do Not Judge - Use Right Judgement

08-21-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

Unity and Me

08-28-2016  Tomas De Leon 


The Four Agreements

# 2. Don't Take Anything Personally

09-04-2016  Rev. Linda Harbin

The Great Commandment

09-11-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

Unity and Me, Part 2

09-18-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Law of Attraction

09-28-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

#3 Do Not Assume (The Four Agreements)

10-02-2016  Tomas De Leon 

We Are Children Of God

10-09-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

#4 Always Do Your Best (Four Agreemen

10-16-2016  Tomas De Leon 

We Are Children Of God

10-09-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

What You Can Imagine . . .

10-23-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

New Thought-The Greatest Story Never Told

10-30-2016  Tomas De Leon 

New Life - New Beginning

11-06-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

The Allegory Cain and Abel

11-13-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Peace - 2nd Sunday of Advent

12-04-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

Meditation - John 8:1-11

Faith - 1st Sunday of Advent

11-27-2016  Rev. Doc Jenkinds

How To Use God's Help

11-20-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

Love - 3rd Sunday of Advent

12-11-2016  Tomas De Leon 

Joy - 4th Sunday of Advent

12-17-2016  Michael Scales, LUT 

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