Sunday Messages

The Spiritual Meaning of the Epiphany

1-7-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

The Eternal Beginning

1-28-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

How to Transform Your Life

2-25-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Using Your Power of Faith

3-11-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

The Metaphysical Meaning of Easter

4-1-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

40 Metaphysical Years

4-22-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Let God Help You

6-10-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Finding the Kingdom

7-8-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 


7-29-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Help From God

8-19-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Your Gifts From God

9-9-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Jesus, the Pioneer

10-28-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Giving and Receiving

11-18-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Peace - 2nd Sunday of Advent

12-09-2018  Michael Scales, LUT 

Our Talks on Truth

Guest Speakers

Wake UP!!! .... and Smell the Coffee

1-21-2018  Khalif Mulholland 

The Treasurers of our True Possessions

2-11-2018  Khalif Mulholland 

God Is Love

2-25-2018  Jeanne Gardiner Hunter

The Devil Is In The Details

4-8-2018  Khalif Mulholland 

Discover the Dream Within You

5-6-2018  Rev. Ivery De  La Cruz

God Is Nowhere

5-13-2018  Janie Morado

Living Between the Lines

5-20-2018  Janet Meschi

Metaphors Be With You

5-27-2018  Marisa De Leon

Get Over It

6-17-2018  Rev. Ivery De  La Cruz

How to Pray Without Talking to God

7-15-2018  Rev. Ivery De  La Cruz

And Sew It Is

8-5-2018  Khalif Mulholland 


8-26-2018 Rev. Ivery de la Cruz

The Peace That Was Meant To Be

9-16-2018  Khalif Mulholland 

Say What You See & See What You Say

9-23-2018  Janie Morado

What if God is Everywhere

10-07-2018  Rev. Ivery de la Cruz

Hell In The Hallway

10-14-2018  Debby Cole, LUT

Turn Over a New Leaf

11-04-2018  Khalif Mulholland

Co-Creating the Life That We Want

11-11-2018  Rev. Ivery de la Cruz

Faith and Transformation

12-02-2018  Rev. Ivery de la Cruz

Prayer of Protection

Unity's Unique Place in "Religion"

1-14-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Greater Is He, Who is in You

2-4-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Keeping a True Lent (Music only)

2-18-2018  Tomas de Leon 

The 12 Powers

3-4-2018  Tomas de Leon 


3-25-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Healing Service Sunday

4-29-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Discover the Power Within You, Pt 2

7-1-2018  Tomas de Leon 

How Big Is Your God?

7-22-2018  Tomas de Leon 

A Brief Summary of Unity

8-12-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Prosperity Consciousness

9-2-2018  Tomas de Leon 

The Lord's Prayer

10-21-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Christmas:  The Story of Us

11-25-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Love - 3rd Sunday of Advent

12-16-2018  Tomas de Leon 

Joy - 4th Sunday of Advent

12-23-2018  Tomas de Leon 

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