Board Minutes


September 13, 2015


Board Members Present:  President Janie Morado

Members:  Myrna Maurer and Dalila Brimer

Spiritual Leader:  Tomas de Leon

Absent:  Vice-President Nancy Okragleski 


Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:20 PM


Prayer: An opening prayer was done by Myrna Maurer


Minutes of the meeting of August 16, 2015: Discussion involved the development of the brief survey to be given to the membership soon and who might serve on the Nominating Committee with Ms. Duran. Ms. Brimer made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Second by Tomas De Leon. Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:  Tomas De Leon presented the August 2015 Composite Monthly Financial Report and the August 2015 Profit and Loss statement. Total income: $4,689.95 and expenses $4,403.11. Documents are filed with minutes. Ms. Maurer made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and a second Ms. Brimer. Motion carried unanimously. Mr. De Leon shared the amount ($563) remaining in the Vern B. Music fund that is used to pay Ms. Okragleski and guest musicians.


Spititual Leader’s Report:  Spiritual Leader De Leon shared his long term goal to expand Unity of the Valley to include a day school. At least to start with one class. . A shorter term goal is to host a one-day spiritual retreat. Building later to a two or three day spiritual retreat. Another discussion involved Unity courses to be offered; one discussed was “Discovering the Power Within You” because Tomas is required to take the course


Acknowledgment of Rudy Garcia’s resignation:  Mr. Garcia’s letter was taken in person to President Morado on September 19, 2015.  His position on the board was treasurer. With his resignation, board has two open officer positions. Spiritual Leader De Leon questioned whether replacements can be placed for the remaining term for each open office. In November, Ms. Brimer and Ms. Okragleski’s 3-year term expires; thereby leaving four open positions for this coming election of trustees.  A suggestion was made by Ms. Maurer to hold a brief session to talk about the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees.


Committee Reports:  None.


Unfinished Business:  


Taxes: Spiritual Leader De Leon confirmed with W. E. Bill Mann, CPA filing has been completed.


Penrod Hall’s Flooring: (Business Team) An estimate from Vera Construction for the demolishing of the floor and wood base and new install was presented. The bid needs to clarify which rooms of Fellowship Hall are included. The estimate as written is $2,968.11. Motion made by Ms. Brimer to accept the bid; a second by Spiritual Leader De Leon. The final vote is pending Ms. Okragleski’s vote.


Review of by-laws: No further discussion this meeting.


Discussion of policy for disruptive behavior: Unity of the Valley does not have a written policy, but Unity Worldwide Ministries has Guidelines for Ministry Policy on Disruptive Behavior. The document is attached for purposes of use to write a policy.


Entrance and Exit signs: Spiritual Leader De Leon did get an estimate for $200, but the work has not been done. President Morado suggested hiring Tom Askey.                                       


New Business:


New board member slate: President Morado announced that she wants a board orientation for interested members to learn about board responsibilities. As of date, only Ms. Duran is serving as Nominating Committee chair.  According to the By-law, additional members are needed to find possible candidates for 2016.  One member has expressed interest in board position.  Discussion of providing information to members interested in Board responsibilities.  President Morado will hold the information session on October 4, 2015 after service.


Date for next meeting:  October 11, 2015, time:  12:20 p.m.  


Meeting Adjourned @ 1:35 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Myrna Maurer, Secretary pro tem


       Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

A Member of Unity Worldwide Ministries

Location:301 E. Polk Ave.