Let your body tell you what this 2017 eclipse means

We, as society, are not setup for any kind of cycles, society seems to value performing the same thing over and over again day in day out, so our body enters into stasis, as such we cut off the awareness of our own body, our own natural energy flow, we lose touch with ourselves and our body goes completely out of whack. Achieving and pleasing other people moves our awareness out of our body; and our chronic dichotomy thought system moves our awareness away from our emotional system, we get out of cycles of the seasons, ancestral information and cosmic energies.

What do we know about this upcoming eclipse?  The moon gets in between the sun and the earth; if the moon is the feminine energy, let’s say feelings; and the sun, the masculine energy, let’s say thoughts; during the eclipse, there will be a moment where we will be invited to shift our awareness from our thoughts inwards to our feelings instead: physical, emotional and energy feelings. If we think “I’m in perfect health”, there will be a dichotomy thought born that says “No, I’m not”. Talk to your body, see if it gives you permission to address negative thoughts later. If we all agree, for the next few minutes we have an open invitation to explore our positive feelings, to see how “I’m in perfect health” feels, how “I’m in a perfect relationship” feels, how “I’m in a perfect abundance” feels.



Now, think about a project you hope to accomplish in the coming months. See it already completed; notice how it feels. Notice good fortune, luck, and prosperity. Just as the earth, moon and sun align, feel yourself chronically aligned, to your projects and the vibration of appreciation, you’ve seen the world through the eyes of source, feel the world spinning in perfection, feel that what you want is already surrounding you at all time. There’s no better time to manifest happiness and make your dreams a reality.



Some people will make valuable connections and enter into new partnerships with influential businesses and people. Relationships will be the focus and things turn out equally beneficial for everyone involved.

Many people will feel more sensitive than usual, it will help them to turn inwards and become more self-aware of what they want and are capable of. With increased conscious awareness comes greater feelings of empathy, understanding, and compassion for one self and for others.

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