The Twelve Powers from God

"The Gifts from God to Practice Daily"

The twelve days of Christmas - December 26 through January 6 - is when we rejoice in the Twelve Powers that we have received from God and praise God for them.  These Twelve Powers are called the gifts that each of us strive practice everyday of the year.


Gift 1: Faith - We can trust that God is unfolding our good in perfect time and in perfect manner. ~ Rev. Kathleen McKenna


Gift 2: Strength - Our ability to persevere, not from grim determinatio, but from a deep sense of well-being. ~ Rev. Adrienne Dorfman


Gift 3: Judgment - When we use our power of judgement as a gift of inner wisdom, we open ourselves to feeling the presence of God flowing within us.  ~ Rev. Stacy Wells


Gift 4: Love - Love is the light in the midst of darkness, the answer to every question and the song of all creation. ~ Rev. Sandra Huguenot


Gift 5: Power -  Spiritual power can ... enbable the individual who is willing to achieve varying degrees of self-mastery over one's physical, mental and spiritual resources. ~ Rev. Jimmie L. Scott


Gift 6: Imagination - As co-creators with God, we use this gift to begin the process of manifestation. ~Rev. Paul Hasselbeck


Gift 7: Understanding - Our ability to comprehend God and spirtitual law to work with and in the realm of principle and ideas - this is our "understanding." ~ Rev. Scott McClintock


Gift 8: Order - Divine order is our innate capacity to co-creat with God in establishing perfect harmony, balance and sequence of actions in our lives. ~ Rev. Christine Dustin


Gift 9: Will - When we exercise our willingness to do the will of God, we build character. ~ Rev. Claudell County


Gift 10: Zeal - Zeal is more than mere enthusiasm; it is the very energy of God expressing in your life. ~ Rev. Don Jennings


Gift 11: Elimination (Renunciation) - Use your power of elimination (Renunciation) by thinking or saying, "This thought or situation has no power over me, for God the good is the only power." ~ Rev. Jim Gaither


Gift 12: Epiphany (Manifestation) - Persistent and eternal is the mind power of Life.  By thinking and saying "yes," you can expect the best, because it will manifest. ~ Rev. R. Wentworth Jenkin

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